Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress Reviews – Double Sided

Last Updated on February 18, 2021

This Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress review 2021 will help you understand what goes behind its construction by Idle Sleep, a company that not only been in the business for more than two decades but is also synonymous with its high-quality and comfortable mattresses that can help you sleep blissfully each and every night!

Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress Review


1. Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress

Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress



These are the main things in Idle Mattress which we reviewed below


  • Is a hybrid that combines foam & innerspring
  • Offers great contouring and bounce
  • Is highly breathable to help sleep cool
  • Comes with a long lifespan
  • Has been getting awesome user reviews
  • Is the top-selling model from Idle Sleep

What is Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress?

Hybrid mattresses are really popular these days and one of the main reasons is that they use different kinds of materials in their construction to prepare an end product which has the pros of all the materials used and is able to do away with all the negatives or shortfalls of such materials.

Before I focus on Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress Review and tell you why it is one of the best choice available online for people looking for a “mattress in the box in 2021”, let me tell you that Idle Sleep is a company that is based in the US and has a vast experience to cater to the needs of different kinds of sleepers. It’s hardly surprising that its range of mattresses and other accessories is highly popular and has been getting awesome user reviews.

Idle Sleep takes pride in its Hybrid mattress which also happens to be its top-selling mattress. This is a mattress that combines the benefits of memory foam and innerspring coil. Even though this is nothing new and a lot of mattresses use memory foam and innerspring, it is the quality of these materials used that makes Idle Sleep Hybrid perform better than most of the other competing brands on the market.

Let’s find out more about this mattress in terms of its construction, benefits, features, and how it turns out to be for various kinds of sleepers…

Double-Sided Mattress – Yes, it’s Flippable!

Yep, you read it right!

Idle Sleep Hybrid is a double-sided mattress that can be flipped. Not many companies actually produce double side mattresses but Idle Sleep takes pride in making a mattress that can be used from both sides adding to its durability considerably.

Double Sided Mattress Reviews

So, if you feel your mattress has worn out from one side all you have to do is just flip it over and you have a spanking new mattress that can go on for a couple of extra years.

That saves a lot of money. Doesn’t it?

Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress comes with 3 variations:

  • Medium (this mattress is Medium in terms of firmness from both the sides)
  • Luxury Firm (this mattress is Firm from both the sides)
  • Medium and Luxury Firm (this mattress is Medium on one side and Firm on the other so that you can choose accordingly)

I personally feel this is a great feature and it certainly makes the best rated two-sided mattress.

Construction (Materials and Quality)

Idle Sleep Hybrid, as mentioned above, uses memory foam and innerspring coil in its construction. However, the memory foam that it uses is of top-notch quality has 400% more bounce than the foam used by most of the other brands on the market.

In addition to this, the innerspring that it uses has 1000 smart support coils. This is much higher as compared to other brands that typically use innerspring with just 300 coils. you can well imagine what it can do for the buoyancy!

Idle Sleep Mattress Construction

Idle Sleep Hybrid is a 14-inch mattress that uses multiple layers of foam and innerspring to give you an ultimate sleep experience.

Let’s delve a bit deeper into its construction…

Layer Composition
1st Layer
  • 1 inch thick
  • Made of IDLE quilting foam
  • Adds plushness and comfort to the surface
2nd Layer
  • 1 inch thick
  • Uses AIR Flow response foam
  • Improves ventilation
  • Temperature control
  • Adds bounce to the mattress
3rd Layer
  • 2 inches of Cooling Buoyancy foam
  • Provides body conformance like memory foam
  • Ensures less heat retention and also the quicker response time
4th Layer
  • 6 inches of Quantum edge-to-edge pocketed coil
  • Forms the support core of the mattress
  • Reduces motion transfer
  • Gives support to the spine and keeps it aligned
5th Layer
  • Begins the opposite side with a 2-inch layer of Cooling Buoyancy Foam
6th Layer
  • Same as the second layer
7th Layer
  • Same as the first layer

From the above table, you can see that it is a mattress that can be used from both sides.

Firmness – Support and Feel of the Mattress

One of the most important factors to check out in a mattress before buying it is its firmness. Different people have different needs. Some people prefer a softer mattress with a better hug and a soft feel. While others need more firmness and back support. Not just this, your sleeping position also plays an important role here and so does your body weight.

Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress comes in 3 variations

  • Medium
  • Luxury Firm
  • Medium on one side and Luxury Firm on the other side

On the firmness scale, this mattress is rated as 5.5 Medium (10 being the firmest). Typically, mattresses that fall in the middle of the firmness spectrum are known to work well for a majority of people whether they choose to sleep on their side, back or stomach.

However, heavier folks or guys who weight more than 300 lbs can opt for the Luxury Firm (8.5 on the Firmness Scale) of this mattress that offers more back support.

You can also choose a version that is Medium from one side and Luxury Firm on the other.

Cover of the mattress – The cover of this mattress gives a plush and soft feel and this is mainly because of the quilting layer on top of the mattress. Below this cover is a layer of responsive foams which gives your body a cradling feel without making you feel that you can’t move around.

One of the important features of this mattress is that it comes with a decent or rather moderate bounce which makes repositioning easy. This makes Idle Sleep Hybrid a great choice for combination sleepers who keep changing their positions from side to back to stomach.

Let’s check out how this mattress performs according to different sleeping position:

Back Sleepers:

Back sleepers, generally need more back support. While the softer layers of this mattress ensure better contouring and conform to the lumbar region, the innerspring or coil layer is great for adding support to the spine. It ensures that your spine is in better alignment with the rest of the body.

For those who want extra support, Idle Sleep offers the Luxury Firm version and of course, a two-in-one that is Medium on one side and Luxury Firm on the other.

Side sleepers: Idle Sleep Hybrid is a good choice for side sleepers too. The Medium version with its soft foams not only accommodates all the curves and reduces pressure points but the coils beneath the foam also provide enough support and spine alignment. Side Sleepers are always better off with a Medium rather than Luxury Firm since a firmer mattress can lead to pain in the hips.

Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress

Stomach sleepers: One of the concerns of stomach sleepers it that they should have proper spine alignment. Your hips are supposed to be heavier and in order to have proper spine alignment, the mattress should be such that it keeps your hips even with the rest of the body. If the mattress is too soft, your hips will sink deeper into the mattress and this will result in your spine being misaligned.

Lightweight people and those that are average weight can do with a mattress that is rated as Medium on the firmness scale. However, people who are heavyweight or are strict stomach sleepers should opt for the Luxury Firm mattress since it provides more support and prevents deeper sinkage. The company, Idle Sleep recommends that people who are overweight (or weigh more than average) must go for the Luxury Firm version of their Hybrid mattress for added support to their back. You must keep this in mind while buying this mattress.

Motion Isolation

This is yet another important feature to consider before you make your buying decision. Ideally, motion transfer should be low or minimum so that if your partner moves or changes position while sleeping, it should bot disturb your sleep.

Mattresses that are entirely made up of foam usually rate high on this aspect and they have bare minimum motion transfer. On the other hand, innerspring mattresses lack in this feature.

As far as hybrids are concerned, motion transfer directly depends upon the ratio of the component parts. In other words, they perform somewhere in the middle.

Idle Sleep Hybrid performs quite well when it comes to motion isolation and this is because of its multiple contouring foam layers. The main benefit of these comfort layers is that they tend to absorb movement and do not allow it to travel across the surface. What it means is that when your partner moves, changes position, or even get in or out of bed, you are not going to be disturbed in your sleep.

However, you must note that the Medium option of the Idle Hybrid isolates motion better than the Luxury Firm variation since it is softer.

Edge Support

Yet another feature to consider before buying a mattress is edge support. This is particularly true in the case of people who sleep with a partner, children, or pets and need more space. If your bed has strong edges, you can make use of the full surface of the mattress without the risk of rolling off while sleeping. Not just this, heavier folks also prefer mattresses with good edge support.

So, how does Idle Sleep Hybrid perform in this regard?

Usually, in bed-in-a-box mattresses come rolled up and they lack in edge support but Idle Sleep Hybrid seems to be an exception and this is because of its Quantum coil unit and 14-inch height. Thus, it can be said that Idle Sleep Hybrid offers you good edge support whether you sleep or sit on the edge.

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is an important feature and your mattress must offer a good degree of it so that you do not feel pain in pressure points.

While sleeping on Idle Hybrid you can actually expect good pressure relief. First of all, the materials used in the construction of this mattress ensures that your body weight gets evenly spread out on the surface and that it allows heavy body parts to sink in deeply into the bed while offering a good amount of support. It allows good spinal alignment so that you can sleep without any pains or aches and wake up fresh every morning.

Secondly, the foam layers ensure good contouring which further adds to pressure relief.

Temperature Control

Good breathability and ventilation are important factors to consider for most people who sleep hot.

  • For most people, Idle Hybrid performs well on this criteria. It actually helps them sleep cool throughout the night and this is mainly because the coil support layer allows better ventilation. It’s important to note that coil beds generally allow better ventilation as compared to all-foam beds. Since Idle Hybrid has a coil support core, it’s set for better breathability and it seems to satisfy most users. Moreover, the cover of the mattress is also designed to ensure good airflow to keep you cool.
  • However, there are some people who sleep extremely hot. Such people are not going to be satisfied with Idle Hybrid since they will find themselves still sleeping warm. This is likely to be the case if such people choose the Medium Firm option. But they should be better off if they choose the Luxury Firm option.

Ease of Movement

It’s important to note that Idle Hybrid comes with the Idle Buoyancy Foam comfort layer. Now, this is a foam that allows better movement so that the sleepers can move freely while still enjoying the conforming feeling that memory foam is known for.

This hybrid comes with pocketed coil support and foam layers to ensure that the sleepers not only get a good hug but is also highly responsive.


Most young couples would like to know if this mattress is good for having sex or not.

Well, Idle Hybrid does not disappoint you here!

It actually works great for sex. First of all, its a silent bed, so no squeaking sounds and it comes with excellent edge support which makes movement quite easy.

Hybrids tend to be a better option as compared to all-foam beds when it comes to sex since they allow better movement.

However, for those who want a better bounce, Idle Hybrid might not be the best-suited mattress. But again, you cannot satisfy everyone all the time.

Other Considerations

  • Multiple Firmness Options – Idle Hybrid is available in two firmness – Medium and Luxury Firm.
  • Trial Period – It comes with a 120 Nights Sleep Trial so that you can find out if it suits your needs or not. If you do not like it or you are not happy with it, you can send it back for free.
  • Warranty – Idle Hybrid comes with a lifetime warranty. Not many companies are so sure of their products. So, it’s a big plus in favor of this mattress.
  • Shipping – Idle Hybrid ships free of charge throughout the continental US and some parts of Canada. Not just this, return shipping is also free of charge.
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified – This certification is important since it clearly shows that the materials used in the construction have been tested by a third-party and that they do not contain any chemicals such as formaldehyde or lead.
  • Made in the US – This is a mattress that is entirely manufactured in the US and adheres to strict quality controls and standards.

Total Score

Materials 9.5/10
Support & Comfort 9.3/10
Temperature Control 9.5/10
Motion Isolation 9.3/10
Edge Support 9.4/10
Pressure Relief 9.3/10
Ease of Movement 9.4/10


Where are Idle Sleep mattress made?
Idle Sleep takes price in being an all-Americal brand. All its mattresses are made in the US under strict quality controls and practices.
Can I test Idle Sleep mattresses at any retail locations?
Idle Sleep is an online company that choose to sell its merchandise online only. There’s no option to check out the products offline or at any retailers store. Having said that, it does not mean that the company may not choose to start offline retailing in the future.
Does Idle Sleep sell other products beyond mattresses?
Yes, of course. Idle Sleep is known for its range of mattresses, pillows, sheets, mattress protectors, adjustable bed frame, platform bed, mattress foundation etc.


IDLE Sleep is backed with extensive 20-year experience in the business and has a large base of satisfied and happy customers. The flippable mattresses that it sells are not just highly durable but have also set a standard in comfort so that you can sleep blissfully through the night for days, months, and years.

Whether you choose Medium or Luxury Firm, you are in for a mattress that strikes a perfect balance between comfort and pressure relief.

Integrated with cooling technology, Idle Hybrid can help you sleep cool without sweating. Not just this, Quantum edge-to-edge support helps keep your spine in perfect alignment so that you do not experience any pain in your back. This particular feature is great for those that suffer from back pain since it can help them sleep better while ensuring good support to the back.

It actually hard to believe that this mattress has so much to offer and that in spite of being 14 inches thick it can be bundled up into a box and delivered to your doorstep just like that.

Since you can flip the mattress and use it from both sides, it’s likely to last much longer than other brands on the market. Over and above, it comes with a 120 Nights Sleep Trial and if you are still not satisfied you can return it for free without even paying anything for return shipping.

All in all, it’s a great buy, and I would recommend that you try it out!

I am the content director at SleepOnBest and responsible for reviewing various mattresses and other products. Over the years, I have reviewed more than 100 mattresses. When I am not busy doing reviews, I love to spend time with my beautiful daughter and lovely wife.

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