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Last Updated on February 18, 2021

With more people shopping online than ever you have more choices now to choose the best bed in a box in 2021 than ever. An ever-increasing number of brands are now offering their customers a wide range of mattresses in the boxes that cater to different sleeping positions, people of different bodyweight and of course, various specific needs such as those that are exceptionally cool or help relieve back pain.

List of Best Bed in a Box 2021

These are the best-boxed mattresses that can be delivered to your doorstep.

Top Rated Bed in a Box Reviews for 2021

When selecting a mattress (under any one category), the choice is so vast that the word seems to have lost its definition. There are many products that are amazingly great in terms of comfort and customer satisfaction and choosing anyone is an uphill task.

There no one mattress that suits all. Here are some models that have been getting amazingly splendid user reviews. You can choose anyone according to your need and liking and I am sure you will not regret your decision.

Best Hybrid Beds

Two of the most popular models include:

  • Alexander Signature Hybrid from Nest Bedding
  • Brooklyn Bedding Signature

These two mattresses are extremely popular and I must say that they run neck to neck when talking about competition. Let’s have a look at each of these mattresses in detail:


1. Alexandar Signature Hybrid

Alexander Signature Hybrid




  • Multiple Foam Layers
  • Quantum Edge Support Coils
  • Sleeps Cool
  • 100-Nights Sleep Trial

When it comes to hybrids, Nest Bedding is one of the most popular brands selling top-notch mattresses in a box and the most popular model is Alexander Signature Hybrid.


  • Motion transfer is good but it could be improved upon.
  • Offers good pressure relief.
  • Helps sleep cool and is great for hot sleepers.
  • Offers excellent edge support.
  • Fairly responsive and good edge support make it excellent for love-making.
  • Can be customized for partners (as mentioned above).
  • Highly durable.


  • Motion isolation is not perfect. Sleepers can slightly feel their partner moving on the bed.
  • Pressure relief is also less as compared to other hybrids. As such, this mattress is not suitable for people that suffer from pains and aches in their pressure points.

What makes it stand apart is that it is made with Titanium infused foam and high-quality individual pocketed coils. As a matter of fact, very few mattresses are made with Titanium infused foam. Alexander Signature Hybrid comes with extra strong edges giving you more surface area to sleep upon.

This is a model that comes in 3 firmness variations including:

  • Plush
  • Medium and
  • Firm

Thus, this is a hybrid that caters to a wide range of sleepers.


This is a hybrid that uses a combination of foams and individually wrapped coils. It comes with Plush, Medium and Firm feel and these are achieved with the help of three different firmnesses of TitanChill Endurance Foam.

The entire mattress comes in a reinforced polyester encasement. At the lowest level, the mattress has a 1 inch thick 3 lb base support foam on top of which is an 8 inch thick pocketed support coil system that gives this mattress its sturdy support base.

Above the coil system is a Smartflow support foam layer that is one inch thick and weighs three pounds. This is the transition layer that distributes the weight of the body over the mattress. Over this layer is a 3-inch thick layer made up of TitanChill Endurance Foam that not only gives a good hug but also helps dissipate heat. This is the layer that makes this mattress cool to sleep upon.

Finally, on top of the mattress is a layer comprising of half-inch thick luxury foam with quilted thermic phase change top to ensure better breathability.

So far so good. But what is unique about this mattress?

Count on…

1 Sustainability

This is a mattress that is designed to last longer. Actually, much longer than you can think of or what competition can stand!

Want to know more?

Read on…

As you use your mattress, it begins wearing down. Now, this is normal and it happens with everything that you put to use and mattresses are no different. In order to counter the effects and to increase the longevity of the mattress, Alexander Signature Hybrid comes with a zipper so that you can place a new comfort layer inside. You can also rotate or flip the feel layer every six months or whenever you feel like it has worn down.

Not just this, you also get the option to purchase an extra comfort layer when you feel like replacing it. This is like customizing your mattress every few years so as to avoid replacing the mattress as a whole.

In simple words, by having the ability to change foam layers, you simply double the life of your mattress!

2. Dual Firmness for Couples

This is again a highly unique feature that most mattresses do not come with. This feature is based on the assumption that one firmness is not right for both sleepers.

So, in King and California King Size Only, couples have the option of customizing their side of the bed.

What it means is that if you want your mattress to be firm and your partner wants it to be soft or medium, you have to option to have a bed that is half firm and half soft/medium.

Isn’t that great?

This is a tailored option and you can choose it while buying your mattress so that the company can customize your bed accordingly.

Suitable for:

  • Side sleepers of all weights – This is a mattress that comes in 3 different firmness options and it is suitable for side sleepers irrespective of their body weight.
  • Lightweight sleepers – This is a mattress that is just perfect for lightweight sleepers since they can enjoy the right mix of pressure relief and support.
  • For Hot Sleepers – This mattress has a Phase change material on top which ensures good airflow. Not just this, it also has a layer of gel-infused foam and a coil base that also ensure good breathability. It is cool enough for hot sleepers to sleep comfortably.
  • Sleepers that share a bed with a partner of different weight – As mentioned above, this is the most unique feature of this hybrid is that it can be customized to have two different firmness on the same surface for each sleeper.

Not Suitable for:

  • Very light sleepers that share a bed – One of the problems with this bed is that it tends to transfer motion and also is also not as silent as most other hybrids are. Thus, a partner making movements might disturb the other.

Alexander Signature Hybrid from Nest Bedding is quite popular and has been getting awesome user reviews. It is particularly good for hot sleepers and partners who want to have their side of the bed customized. It comes with 100 nights sleep trial and a lifetime warranty.


2. Brooklyn Bedding Signature





  • Made in USA
  • Uses TitanFlex Foam
  • Comes in 3 Firmness Levels
  • 120-Nights Sleep Trial

I strongly believe that there is no one mattress that can be termed as best. There are multiple choices available and some of them are extremely good. One hybrid that never fails to impress me is the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid.


  • Motion isolation is extremely good for a hybrid.
  • Pressure relief offered by the Soft version is good. The medium version strikes a balance between support and sinkage and is actually good in terms of pressure relief. The firm version provides minimal contouring and provides consistent pressure relief for heavy sleepers.
  • Is great at dissipating heat and can help even hot sleepers sleep cool.
  • Edge support is very good.
  • Is a silent mattress that makes no noise.
  • Better for sex than other hybrids on the market.


  • The only thing that can be said against this mattress is that it may not be able to satisfy those sleepers that are great memory foam lovers.

This is a mattress that packs in more features than most of the other competing brands on the market and this is why it has a huge base of satisfied and happy customers who do not hesitate to recommend it to other buyers.

This mattress also comes in three firmness levels that include:

  • Soft – This is a perfect choice for side sleepers since it offers great pressure relief and body contouring.
  • Medium – This is right for combo sleepers as well as for those who want a perfect balance of body contouring and support.
  • Firm – This one is just right for stomach and back sleepers looking for better lumbar support.

Let’s talk about the construction of this mattress…


  • On top of the mattress is a high-quality quilted top that ensures good airflow.
  • The second layer is made up of 2 inches thick TitanFlex foam which is highly responsive. Now, this layer comes with Titanium Gel infusion which makes for a cool sleeping experience by allowing better breathability and airflow.
  • The transition layer comprises of 2 inches thick Energex support foam that helps distribute bodyweight of the sleeper over the mattress.
  • The support core of this mattress is made up of 6 inches thick Ascension Coils that not only provide good support but also increase responsiveness and motion isolation.
  • At the base of the mattress is a one-inch thick foam layer that adds durability to the mattress.

Suitable for:

  • All types of sleepers – Since this is a mattress that comes in three Firmness settings it can suit almost all types of sleepers irrespective of their sleeping position or bodyweight. Everyone can choose according to his/her preference/sleeping position/bodyweight.
  • Hot Sleepers – This is a hybrid that comes with a cool cover on top, gel-infused foam in the middle and a support core of innerspring or coil that allows good airflow. Hot sleepers can easily sleep on this mattress without feeling hot.
  • Couples – This is a mattress that offers better motion isolation than a lot of other hybrids and is also reasonably quiet making it a good choice for couples.
  • For Value Seekers – One of the most appealing features of Brookly Bedding Signature mattress is that it has a low price point as compared to other hybrids being sold online.

Not Suitable for:

  • People who prefer an all-foam feel – Even though this mattress provides a decent hug, it is also quite responsive so you won’t get the feeling of being cradled in the mattress that is so distinct of an all-foam mattress. So, it is not the right choice for people trying to get a good hug like that of a foam mattress.
  • People who want extra bounce – Just that it limits the hug the sleeper gets, it also limits the bounce that is so distinct of an innerspring mattress. Thus, it is not the best option for people looking for a highly springy mattress.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress is a top-rated hybrid that caters to a wide range of sleepers. Moreover, it packs in so many features at a highly reasonable price which is what makes it appealing to most buyers. It comes with a 120-nights sleep trial and a 10-year warranty and has been getting very high ratings from actual users.

Best Cooling Beds


3. Ghostbed Luxe

Ghostbed Luxe




  • Promoted as “Coolest Bed in the Word”
  • Produces Cloud Effect
  • Suits Couples & Side Sleepers
  • 101-Nights Sleep Trial

When it comes to foam mattresses, no other can brand can beat Ghostbed Luxe in terms of breathability and providing cool comfort.


  • Exceptionally cool for a memory foam mattress.
  • Advanced cooling features.
  • Excellent pressure relief.
  • Amazing motion isolation.
  • Great for having sex.
  • Good edge support.


  • The only flip side is that it is has a steeper price point as compared to other memory foam mattresses sold online.

The major problem with foam mattresses is that as the sleeper sinks into the mattress, they tend to trap heat making the sleeper feel hot and sweaty. Now, Ghostbed Luxe is a mattress that tries to solve this problem with the help of certain different materials that not only increase airflow but also dissipate heat so that you can sleep cool.

Yep, it is suitable even for hot sleepers!

Let’s find out what goes into this mattress that makes it an excellent cooling mattress…


  1. On top of the mattress is a cover that is called Ghost Ice Fabric which the company says is instantly cool to touch and woven into this cover is one-inch thick cool burst airflow technology fiber. This clearly means that the cover is highly breathable and allows good airflow to keep the sleeper cool.
  2. Added to the cover is 1′ thick gel-infused memory foam to help you get a cool and deep hug.
  3. Next is a thermo-sensitive technology layer that senses heat and adjusts to keep you cool. Even though the company has a patent pending for it, this new technology really works and is what makes Ghostbed Luxe one of the top performers when it comes to the best cooling mattresses of 2021.
  4. Next is a layer of memory foam that is just perfect to help relieve pain as well as to give enough support to keep your spine in perfect alignment.
  5. Next is what is called the Ghost Bounce Layer. Exclusive only to Ghostbed, this is a layer that adds bounce to this mattress just like an innerspring mattress and contouring like a memory foam mattress. Thus, it is not wrong to say that it gives you the best of both – contouring as well as bounce.
  6. The last layer comprises of a 7.5 inches thick foam layer to give you solid support. It also adds to the durability and longevity of the mattress.

Suitable for:

  • Hot Sleepers – Marketed as The Coolest Bed in the World, Ghostbed Luxe lives up to its name and really helps hot sleepers sleep cool and comfortable. A couple of features – Ghost ice fabric, airflow technology fiber, gel-infused memory foam, and thermo-sensitive layer make up for a highly breathable and cool sleeping experience. This is a foam mattress unlike any other on the market.
  • Couples – Here is a mattress that isolates motion amazingly well, is noiseless, has strong edges and also has a great bounce. What it means is that it’s not only great for couples but is ideal for love-making too. So, young and sexually active couples should be happy with this mattress.
  • Side Sleepers – This is a Medium feel mattress and it offers great pressure relief. As such, it is one of the best choices for side sleepers since it can help keep their spine in alignment so that there are no pains and aches.

Not Suitable for:

  • Those Seeking to Sleep On the Mattress – This is out and out a memory foam mattress and it gives a feel of sleeping in the mattress rather than on it. Thus, it is not the right choice for people who want to sleep on the mattress.
  • Shoppers on a budget – Even though it is not as expensive as hybrids or organic mattresses, it is somewhat highly-priced for a memory foam mattress but again, it has some advanced cooling features and extra comfort layers added to it which are bound to increase the price.

Ghostbed Luxe is an exceptionally good foam mattress that performs well on almost every yardstick. It comes with a 101 nights sleep trial and a 25-years warranty. If you are someone looking for a memory foam mattress that is exceptionally cool, this is the mattress that you should go for.


4. Purple





  • Made in the US
  • Exclusive Purple Grid
  • Highly Breathable
  • 100 Nights Sleep Trial
  • 25K+ Reviews on Official Site.

Purple is a mattress that is great for reasons more than one. It is known for its Purple Grid that is a unique feature that it comes with. No other foam or hybrid comes with this kind of a grid that makes it highly breathable and responsive.


  • Highly breathable and a great choice for hot sleepers.
  • Provides good pressure relief.
  • Isolates movement well.
  • Makes no noise.
  • Allows easy movement on the mattress.


  • One of the features that it lacks is edge support.
  • Not the right choice for heavy sleepers.

The Purple Grid makes the Purple mattress really cool so that even hot sleepers can sleep without sweating or feeling warm.

Let’s delve a bit deeper into the construction of this mattress…


  • To begin with, the cover of this mattress is a blend of three fabrics that include polyester, viscose, and lycra. This is also known as the SoftFlex material and has a lot of stretch in it. This fabric is highly breathable too and allows extremely good airflow.
  • Next comes the famous PURPLE GRID – Below the cover is a 2 inches thick layer of Hyper-Elastic Polymer. Now, this is a unique structure set up in a grid so that the walls of the grid flex underneath pressure points but remain supportive everywhere else. It won’t be wrong to say that the mattress tries to achieve a balance between comfort and support in almost all positions. This is something that is highly appreciated by combo sleepers. Moreover, this layer has a substantial bounce in it and also sleeps cool. Furthermore, it has wrapped around edges for enhanced edge support.
  • Below the grid is a layer comprising of 3.5 inches thick high-density polyfoam that adds support to the mattress. This is the transition layer that not only adds support but also prevents you from sinking deep into the mattress. Thus, it makes it easy for the sleeper to move around on the mattress. Again, this is a feature that is highly appealing to combo sleepers who like to change positions while sleeping since they can easily do so without feeling stuck in the mattress.
  • Finally, the base layer is made up of 4 inches thick high-density polyfoam that gives the mattress its support base.

Suitable for:

  • Hot Sleepers – This is unlike any other foam mattress because of the Purple Grid that allows extremely good airflow so as to keep the temperature neutral. Moreover, the cover of the mattress is highly breathable. This is a mattress that can help you sleep really cool.
  • Those Who Want to Sleep on the Mattress – The Purple Grid comes with a medium-firm feel. What it means is that you do not sink too deep into the mattress but rather get the feel of sleeping on the mattress.
  • Lightweight and Average Weight Sleepers –  This mattress provides good support to sleepers who weigh less than 230 pounds whether they sleep on their side or back.
  • Couples – One of the most appealing features of this mattress is that it isolates movement well. Not just this, it is more or less a silent mattress that also allows easy movement on the mattress. Thus, it proves to be a good choice for couples.
  • Value Seekers – Taking into account the advanced features that this mattress comes with, it has a reasonable price point.

Not Suitable for:

  • Sleepers looking for a traditional memory foam feel – If you are someone who loves the hug feel or deep contouring of r a memory foam mattress then the Purple is not the right choice for you.
  • Heavyweight Sleepers – One area that this mattress lacks in is that it does not provide adequate support to heavy sleepers who might experience sagging that can build pressure and result in aches and pains.

The Purple is a cool and breathable mattress that is highly preferred by hot sleepers. Moreover, it also provides good pressure relief. This mattress comes with a 100 nights sleep trial and a 10 years warranty.

Best Beds for Side Sleepers


5. Nolah

Nolah Signature 12″




  • Flippable Mattress
  • Suits Side Sleepers
  • Offers Great Pressure Relief
  • 120-Nights Sleep Trial

Nolah Sleep is an established brand when it comes to the best beds in a box and the company seems to be getting even stronger in 2021 than it has ever been. It has just launched a new Hybrid that is gaining more popularity with almost every passing day.


  • Is great in terms of motion isolation.
  • Offers amazing pressure relief.
  • Is a silent mattress.
  • Is great for side sleepers and light sleepers.


  • Not a great choice for hot sleepers.
  • Not suitable for heavy sleepers.

When it comes to Side Sleepers, Nolah Signature Mattress is perhaps the best value mattress available online. This is a 12-inch mattress that is flippable and can be used from both sides. Moreover, it comes in a luxurious organic cotton cover to enhance breathability.

Let’s find out more about how this mattress is constructed…


  • The soft side begins with a 2.5 inches thick Nolah Air Foam that is excellent for providing pressure relief. It keeps the sleep cool and also provides good contouring without eh sleeper getting sunk too deep into the mattress.
  • Next comes the layer comprised of 1.5 inches thick high-resilience foam that is supposed to be stronger and durable than latex.
  • The support core is made up of 7 inches thick high-quality support foam that is made in the US. It not only provides good support but is also made to last a lifetime. The company boasts of it being highly durable.
  • The firm side is made up of 1-inch thick Nolah Air Foam. It provides enough support for stomach and combo sleepers to help them sleep comfortably.

Suitable for:

  • Side Sleepers looking for Pressure Relief – The soft side of the mattress is particularly suitable for side sleepers and offers amazing pressure relief. It tends to relieve pressure from hips and shoulders and also aligns the spine with the rest of the body so that the sleeper can wake up without pains and aches.
  • Lightweight Sleepers – It is a great choice for lightweight sleepers or those that weigh less than 130 lbs, whether they sleep on their side, back or stomach.
  • Couples – This is a mattress that handles motion isolation pretty well and is also practically noiseless. Thus, it is supposed to be a great choice for couples.
  • People looking for a flippable mattress – Last but not the least, Nolah Signature Mattress is a great choice for those that want to use their mattress from both sides.

Not Suitable for:

  • People Looking for a mattress with stronger edges – Nolah Signature Mattress does not have very strong edge support. Thus, it is not the right choice for people who like to sleep or sit around the edge of the mattress.
  • For Heavyweight Sleepers – It is also not suitable for heavy sleepers who might find it less supportive.

Nolah Signature Mattress is a great choice for side sleepers, couples, and lightweight sleepers. However, hot sleepers might feel warm when sleeping on this mattress. It comes with a 120-nights sleep trial and a lifetime warranty. It has been getting great user reviews.


6. Loom & Leaf

Loom & Leaf Mattress Saatva




  • Excellent Pressure Relief
  • Good Motion Isolation
  • Comes in Relaxed Firm & Firm Options
  • 180 Nights Sleep Trial

Loom & Leaf is a premium memory foam mattress from Saatva. This is a mattress that is just right for side sleepers seeking a good enough level of pressure relief.


  • Excellent pressure relief.
  • Offers amazing motion isolation.
  • Great for side sleepers..
  • Suits lightweight and average weight sleepers
  • Cooler than most other memory foam mattresses.
  • Durable and last longer.


  • Not suitable for hot sleepers.
  • Not suitable for heavy sleepers.

It is a 12-inch thick mattress and it comes in two firmness options – Relaxed firm (medium 5.5) and Firm (8).

The relaxed firm option is supposed to be great for side sleepers.

What makes this mattress stand apart is that it comes with two layers of high-density memory foam that provide more support than standard memory foam mattresses.

One of the most striking features of this mattress is that when you lie down on it, it feels a bit firm but slowly your body begins sinking into it and you feel absolutely no pressure in your hips and shoulders.

Let’s find out more about how this mattress is constructed…


  • The top of the mattress constitutes an organic 100% cotton and highly breathable cover that allows good airflow.
  • Below the cover is a layer of memory foam that is gel-infused to help you stay cool throughout the night. It provides good spinal support too.
  • The next layer is made up of 5 lb high-density memory foam that offers both good pressure relief and support.
  • Beneath this is the support layer that is made up of 5.5 inches thick high-density foam which not only provides good support but also makes the mattress durable and longer-lasting.

Suitable for:

  • Side Sleepers – Since this is a mattress that can help relieve pressure from hips and shoulders, it is a great choice for side sleepers.
  • Lightweight and average weight sleepers – Loom & Leaf is a mattress that strikes a perfect balance between pressure relief and cradling support for both lightweight and average weight sleepers.
  • Couples – This is a mattress that handles motion isolation pretty well like most other memory foam mattresses. Thus, it is a great choice for couples or people who sleep with a partner.

Not Suitable for:

  • Combination Sleepers – This is a mattress with multiple layers of memory foam with a slow response to pressure. This might make it difficult for sleepers to change positions while sleeping and thus, this mattress is not the best alternative for combo sleepers who are accustomed to changing positions while sleeping.
  • For Hot Sleepers – Even though it performs better than a lot of memory foam mattresses and has some advanced cooling features, it might still trap heat because of close body confirming and is not suitable for people who sleep hot.

Loom & Leaf is one of the best mattresses for side sleepers. It comes with a 180-nights sleep trail which is longer than what any other brand offers. Moreover, it comes with a 15-years warranty.

Best Beds in a Box for Heavy Sleepers in 2021


7. Saatva HD

Saatva HD




  • Suits Heavy & Very Heavy Folks
  • 15.5 Inches Thick
  • Relieves Back Pain
  • 120 Nights Sleep Trial

This is a mattress that stands 15.5 inches tall and is particularly well-suited for heavier individuals. It is an innerspring model and Talalay latex to provide good support. Not just this, it offers zoned support so that the sleeper experienced consistent contouring.


  • Offers good support.
  • Decent pressure relief.
  • Good motion isolation.
  • Helps sleep cool.
  • Reinforced edges provide good edge support.
  • Durable than most other mattresses.


  • It is the most the best choice for couples since motion isolation is not very good. Moreover, it is not a completely silent mattress and is not suitable for sex.
  • Not suitable for lightweight sleepers.
  • Expensive than most other hybrids.


  • The top of the mattress comes with a hand-tufted finishing so that all the layers are locked in one place and do not shift or wrinkle over time.
  • This mattress comes with an organic cotton pillow top which is highly breathable. This top is hypoallergenic and has also gone through antimicrobial treatment.
  • Next is the layer comprising of Talalay latex offering 5 zone support. This ensures maximum support to the lumbar area and also pressure-point relief.
  • Below this is a layer of CertiPUR-US certified memory foam which adds support and enhances pressure relief.
  • The support core is made up of 12.5-gauge tempered recycled steel coils that are 25% stronger than the industry standard. This comes threaded with a 17-gauge helical wire that helps eliminate motion transfer. This sturdy layer adds lumbar support.
  • Additionally, high-density foam rails encase the perimeter of the mattress for sturdier edges.

Suitable for:

  • Heavy and very Heavy Sleepers – This is a bed that stands 15.5 inches tall and is made with durable materials. It is suitable for heavy sleepers and can also take sleepers that weigh more than 300 lbs.
  • Side and Back Sleepers – One of the positive features of this mattress is that it provides zoned support. Thus, it not only relieves pressure from main pressure areas but also adds more support to lighter areas so that the spine is aligned properly. This makes it a great choice for side and back sleepers.
  • Those that suffer from Back Pain – The Talalay latex layer offers zoned support and is quite effective at relieving pressure. With good back support, it can help people that suffer from back pain.

Not Suitable for:

  • Stomach Sleepers – This mattress might not be the perfect one for stomach sleepers.
  • Sleepers on a Budget – As far as price is concerned, Saatva HD is supposed to come with a higher price tag and is not the best option for people looking for a bed on a budget.

Saatva HD is a mattress that is specifically made for heavy individuals. It comes with a 120-nights sleep trial and a 20 years warranty. If you are someone who is overweight, then it is just about perfect for you.


8. Titan

Titan from Brooklyn Bedding




  • Made in the US
  • Good for Heavy & Hot Sleepers
  • Good for Sex
  • 120 Nights Sleep Trial

Titan from Brooklyn Bedding is another mattress that’s just great for heavy sleepers. This is a firm mattress that is made with coils and polyfoam to ensure maximum support to the sleepers. It is also a cool mattress that regulates temperature quite well.


  • Made in the US.
  • Offers good support.
  • A great choice for heavy sleepers.
  • Comes with strong edges.
  • Great for hot sleepers since it allows good airflow.
  • Good for having sex.
  • Reasonably Priced.


  • Is not a great choice for side sleepers since it is not very good at relieving pressure.
  • It is not the right mattress for lightweight people.


  • Titan comes with one-inch quilted, gel memory foam on top of the mattress. This top is a great helping enhancing the breathability of the mattress.
  • Below this is a 2-inch thick TitanFlex foam that is highly responsive and offers targeted pressure relief.
  • The core of this mattress is made up of 6 inch thick TitalCaliber coils that not only provide support but also help isolate movement.
  • Below the support core is a 2-inch thick high-density foam that forms the base of the mattress and also helps increase durability.


The company also provides you with the option of getting a top panel sewn onto the surface of the mattress which helps a great deal in lowering the temperature. Another option that is available to the buyers is that they can put a Talalay latex mattress pad on top of the mattress which can further increase contouring and also help relieve pressure. This topper is supposed to be quite cool and breathable.

Suitable for:

  • Heavy Sleepers – Titan is out and out a mattress specifically designed for heavy sleepers. It has a strong support core and a thick layer of high-density foam that offers good support for people who weigh more than 230 pounds.
  • Hot Sleepers  – Another category of sleepers who are likely to be happy with this mattress are hot sleepers since coil and gel-infused memory foam keep the mattress temperature neutral.
  • People Seeking Strong Edges – Pocketed coils ensure that the mattress has stronger edges. Thus, it is a great choice for people wh prefer to sit or sleep near the edge of the mattress.

Not Suitable for:

  • Lightweight Side Sleepers – Titan is a mattress that is too firm for lightweight sleepers (particularly, side sleepers) and they may experience strain on their hips and shoulders.
  • People Looking for Deep Contouring – Titan is not the right choice for people who prefer the deep hug of a memory foam mattress. It is not a confirming mattress and it allows sleeping on that mattress rather than in the mattress.

Titan Mattress is one of the best choices for heavy sleepers. It offers strong support and manages good temperature control. This is a mattress that comes at a reasonable price as compared to some of the other firm mattresses. Moreover, this mattress comes with a 120-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

Best Organic Beds 2021

Organic is the buzzword these days and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be. Unlike other mattresses, organic ones are free of all kinds of toxins and are simply great for your health. Moreover, they are highly durable too. However, organic mattresses have a reputation for being expensive but then all-natural materials used in their construction push the costs high.

Some of the best organic mattresses include:

  • Zenhaven and
  • EcoCloud from Winkbeds

9. Zenhaven

Zenhaven from Saatva




  • Organic Flippable Mattress
  • Highly Breathable
  • Offers Pressure Relief
  • 180 Nights Home Trial

Unlike most other organic mattresses, Zenhaven is a flippable mattress with one side being Luxury Plush (between 4-5 on the firmness scale and the other side being Gentle Firm (between 7-8 on the firmness scale).


  • Handcrafted in the US.
  • All-organic materials used in the construction.
  • Highly breathable.
  • Offers decent pressure relief.
  • Provides good motion isolation.


  • Weaker around the edges.
  • Not suitable for heavy sleepers.
  • Not the right choice or those looking for a deep hug.

As such, it is a perfect choice for a wide range of sleepers and also for people whose choice of firmness tends to fluctuate or those that are confused with regards to what firmness level they should opt for.

Construction of the mattress:

  • Zenhaven comes with an organic cotton cover that has gone through antimicrobial fabric treatment. It comes a one-inch layer of New Zealand wool blended with non-toxic materials that not only make it resistant to fire but also increases airflow to make it more breathable.
  • Now, this is a flippable mattress and the Gentle Firm side uses a 1.5-inch thick comfort later of Talalay latex that is medium-soft with an ILD (indentation load deflection) of 20-24. On the Luxury Plush side, soft latex is used which has an ILD of 14-19
  • The comfort layer above offers 5 zoned support and has a pin-core hole pattern. This layer provides more support under hips and shoulders and prevents these areas from getting sunk too deep into the mattress and at the same time, it offers pressure relief in these targeted areas.
  • The core of this mattress is made up of 6-inch thick Talalay latex that provides strong support.

Suitable for:

  • Back Sleepers – One of the key benefits of this mattress is that it strikes a balance between back support and body confirming which is great for back sleepers of all body types.
  • Eco-conscious Sleepers – This mattress seems like the best choice for buyers who prefer natural mattresses. This is a mattress that is made with 100% natural materials and comes with a longer lifespan.
  • People who sleep hot – Zenhaven is also a good option for those that sleep hot. It is made with natural Talalay Latex that is breathable and allows good airflow.

Not Suitable for:

  • People looking for a mattress with strong edges – The problem with this mattress is that it does not have strong edges. Thus, sleeping on it might give you the sensation of rolling off the bed if you are someone who sleeps near the edge. In such a case, you should look for a bed that comes with stronger edge support.
  • Heavy Sleepers – Zenhaven is not the right option for heavy sleepers that sleep on their side or stomach. This mattress may make them sink deep into the mattress resulting in pressure on their neck and shoulders.

Zenhaven is one of the best organic beds sold online. It comes with a 180-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty. It has been getting splendid user reviews and is likely to have a longer life span than most other mattresses sold online.


10. Ecocloud

Winkbeds Ecocloud Mattress




  • 100% Organic Mattress
  • Highly Breathable
  • Has a Good Bounce
  • 120 Nights Sleep Trial

WinkBed is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to beds in a box. It has a couple of models and EcoCloud is the 100% organic one.


  • Made in the US.
  • Highly breathable helps sleep cool.
  • Offers good motion isolation.
  • Comes with good pressure relief.
  • Has good bounce.
  • Sturdy edges.
  • Great for having sex.


  • EcoCloud, being a hybrid, is somewhat expensive as compared to other mattresses.
  • Since it is a responsive mattress that has a bounce on it it is likely to transfer some motion.
  • Heavy stomach sleepers may find some sagging under the hips.

EcoCloud is made with organic cotton and natural latex. It is a hybrid model that is highly breathable and has strong edges.

Let’s find out more about its construction…


  • The cover of the mattress is made from organic cotton and New Zealand wool which makes it cool and dry. This kind of cover makes the mattress quite breathable.
  • Then comes a 4-inch thick layer of Natural Talalay latex that not only provides support to the back and lumbar area but also helps relieve pressure from main pressure points that include hips and shoulders.
  • Next comes the innerspring system that forms the core of this hybrid. The innerspring used in this mattress are tempered 3 times and they provide push back support to heavy parts of the body such as hips and shoulders.
  • The innerspring system used in this mattress has stronger and more supportive edges. Thus it allows users to sleep edge to edge without sagging.

Suitable for:

  • Back Sleepers – This is a mattress that’s great for back sleepers since it offers good lumbar support and pushback support, relieving pressure from main pressure points in the body.
  • Hot Sleepers – An organic cover. Talalay latex and innerspring core allow extremely good airflow making this mattress a perfect choice for hot sleepers.
  • People seeking ease of movement in and out of the bed – This is a mattress that comes with excellent edge support. Thus, it is a perfect option for people looking for a mattress that allows easy movement in and out of the bed.

Not Suitable for:

    • People looking for a silent mattress – If you are someone who gets disturbed by the noise then EcoCloud is not the one for you since its innerspring core makes a slight noise.
  • Memory Foam Lovers – It is also not the best option fo those looking for a deep hug like that of a memory foam mattress.

EcoCloud from Winkbeds has been getting some great user reviews and it quite a help even for those suffering from sciatica. It comes with a 120-nights sleep trial and a lifetime warranty.

What is a Bed in a Box Mattress?

No prizes for guessing this!

The name explains it all. The Bed in a Box Mattress OR Mattress in a Box are terms that are kind of self-explanatory. Simply put, the term refers to a mattress that is delivered to your doorstep compressed in a box (or as rolled mattresses) and over the past few years, these kinds of mattresses have gained immense popularity with more and more companies starting their online stores to cater to an ever-increasing clientele that prefers buying mattresses from the comfort of their homes.

The mattress that you order online reaches your home within a few days and all you need to do is unbox it and put it on your bed and let it expand on its own. Once the mattress is on your bed, it usually expands and gets back to its original shape very quickly, within 48-72 hours.

Such mattresses do not get damaged when they are compressed and put in a box and more importantly, they save you the trouble of visiting a local store and trying out various models before you choose one.

With many brands competing online, you can grab a great deal and get to choose a mattress that suits your specifications. There are various options available according to sleeping positions, bodyweight, specific needs such as mattresses that can help with back pain etc.

Mattresses in a box (sometimes called, mattress in a bag) come with generous sleep trials that range anywhere from 100 to 365 nights. Not just this, returns and refunds are also very simple – No Hassles!

Once you place your order online, the bed delivery takes just a couple of days. Some companies also provide white glove delivery that includes setting up the new mattress and removing the old one. While some of such companies provide this service free of charge others might charge you for it.

No wonder, these mattresses have become a trend these days!

best boxed mattresses

Who is a Mattress in a Box Good for?

Let’s have a look at who should opt fora bed in a box…

  • Budget Shoppers – First and foremost, such mattresses are a great option for people looking to buy a mattress on a budget. Most companies run special offers every now and then and you can get a good discount while such offers are on. Moreover, by selling their products online, these mattress companies are able to cut down costs of middlemen and they come with a lower price tag.
  • Comparison Shoppers – If you are someone who wants to check and compare a lot of brands before you make your buying decision then a mattress in a box is the perfect option for you. There are many brands that operate online and you can compare benefits, features, pros, cons, prices, trials and warranty conditions online.
  • Convenience Shoppers – People who do not have enough time to visit a store or are college students or people who are moving or seniors can take the benefit of ordering a mattress online and have it delivered at their doorstep without any hassles. Shopping a mattress online and have it delivered in a box is perhaps the most convenient way of shopping a mattress. No wonder, it has become a growing trend.
  • People who have specific requirements – One of the most important benefits of shopping a mattress online is that you can easily narrow down your search and look for specifics. For instance, you can compare brands and models based upon pressure relief, cooling, firmness level, etc., and choose a brand that suits your pocket from among them.

But what about first-timers or hesitant customers?

It is but natural for many people to be hesitant while buying a mattress online without sampling it in a store. Online companies are aware of this and they usually have policies to work around it.

For instance, most of such companies offer a long trial period. It is quite common for companies to offer a trial period of at least 100 days and there are certain brands that extend this period to as much as 18 months so the customers have ample time to get the feel of the mattress and if they do not like it, they can get a refund.

And for those that decide to keep the mattress after the trial period, companies provide warranties that can range from 10 years to a lifetime.

Is mattress in a box for you

Ordering the Best Mattress in a Box in 2021

Buying a mattress in a box is a fairly easy process, or as it may seem. Here are some things to watch out for before you fill up your cart:

Compare Different Brands

First and foremost, do your research properly. One of the most important things to do is to find out which brands and models suit your requirement with regards to firmness, ease of movement, pressure relief, cooling etc. Compare the prices and shortlist the ones that suit your budget.

Recheck the Final Choice

Once you have shortlisted the brands and the models that suit you the most, go through them again and pick out one that is the best choice with regards to your specific requirements.

If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact chat or email support. Its always better to know what trial and warranty conditions so that there are no surprises down the lane.

Make Sure Your Order the Correct Size

It is extremely important to know the correct size of the mattress that you need. Measure and remeasure your bed frame so that you are absolutely sure about the size. Most companies do not provide a refund or replacement if you order the wrong size. This can make things rather tricky so you must be sure of the size firsthand.

Check for Discounts

One of the best and most appealing features of buying a mattress online is that most of such companies offer great deals and discounts from time to time. There are offers such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Sale, Military Day Sale, Independence Day Sale etc. You must check out and keep a tab on such offers before you place your order.

Such deals can help you save a couple of hundred dollars and also win you a few freebies such as free pillows or toppers etc.

Check Out the Shipping Options

Most companies ship free of charge within the contiguous US but they may charge for delivery to Alaska and Hawaii. Some companies offer white glove delivery so that they can deliver and set up the mattress for you but more often than not, such delivery comes with a fee.

Make the Purchase

Once you have gone through all the above criteria, it’s time to make a purchase and pay the charges. It’s important to keep in mind that there might be some additional tax charges over and above the price. As soon as you pay for the mattresses, the process to get it shipped to your doorsteps comes into action.

Track Your Order

Once you have placed your order through the internet, the company will book your mattress with a courier company that will send you a tracking number so that you can keep a tab on the delivery status. It’s important to note that mattresses of all sizes including full-size mattresses, king size, queen size, twins etc. can all be rolled up and shipped to your doorstep.

Usually, the order gets delivered within 10-12 days but there might be occasional delays. You can get in direct touch with the courier company to get the details of your order.

Make Some Delivery Arrangements

Most courier companies would leave the mattress at your doorstep. If you do not have someone living with you or if everyone in the household is working during the day, you can ask your neighbor to keep a check on the delivery so that he can keep it in a secure place, once the mattress arrives.

In case you want to get the old mattress removed, speak to customer care so that they can arrange for it.

Unbox and Sleep Tight

Once you have your bed in a box  (also referred to as mail mattress), unpack it and put it on your bed frame. Since the mattress comes in a compressed form (expandable, when unboxed) it will take 2-3 days to expand and get back to its original form and size. You should also open all windows to allow better off-gassing.

Before buying bed in a box
Infographic: Before buying bed in a box

Mattress in a Box Comparison with Brick-and-Mortar Mattress Buying

You can either buy your mattress online and order one with the push of a button or you can visit a store and order it there. Let’s find out how online buying fares against buying from a brick-and-mortar store…

Features Buying From Physical Store bed in a Box
Brand Selection In a store, you can choose from a wide range of brands. Review sites list many brands and also compare them to help you get a clear insight.
Mattress Inventory The availability of some models may be limited. Online companies keep huge stocks so that the supply of rolled up mattresses does not run out.
Customer Service Stores often employ sales executives to help people select a mattress but sometimes they can be pushy since they earn a commission over sales. Online mattress companies offer live chat facility with sales executives. They also provide phone numbers and email addresses for direct contact.
Mattress Prices Because of store overheads, mattresses tend to be costlier. With no middlemen and limited staff, online companies offer mattresses at competitive prices.
Delivery They offer residential delivery at a fee. Most companies do not charge anything for delivery. Some may charge for mailing the mattress in Alaska and Hawaii.
Mattress Pickup Customers can pick up a mattress later if it is not available at the time of the sale. Most of the companies do not allow pick up of mattresses.
Sleep Trials and Returns Sleep trails offered are shorter and there are almost no free returns. Online companies offer longer sleep trials (at least 100 days) and do not charge anything for returns.


Are the mattress in a box any good?
Yep, they can be really god. There are certain brands that have earned quite a reputation. Besides, bed is a box, is a growing trend now with more and more people buying mattresses online. Some of the features such as long sleep trials and lifetime warranty provided by companies selling mattresses online have become immensely popular with customers.
How long do beds in a box last?
Typically, a bed in a box can last anywhere from 8-15 years. There are various kinds of options to choose from that include memory foam mattresses, hybrids, innerspring, and natural or organic mattresses. Hybrids and organic mattresses are known to have a longer lifespan. Further, taking good care of your mattress and putting a topper in it can further increase your mattress’s longevity.
What is the best mattress to buy in 2021?
There are a couple of brands that you can choose from. Some of the most popular brands include Winkbeds, Puffy, Layla, Nolah, Dreamcloud, PlushBeds etc.


Gone are those days when people would consider buying a mattress online. With so many companies offering amazing products and deals more and more people are ready to take the plunge and buy a mattress online. The best part is that you get to try the mattress for at least 100 days in the comfort of your home. Not just this, returns are also possible and hassle-free.

So, go through the best mattresses in the box mentioned above and take your pick.


I am the content director at SleepOnBest and responsible for reviewing various mattresses and other products. Over the years, I have reviewed more than 100 mattresses. When I am not busy doing reviews, I love to spend time with my beautiful daughter and lovely wife.

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